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Today I announce JS-Analytics!

The goal of JS-Analytics is to show you statistical data of errors that occur on your website, and help you in the process of fixing them.
I hope it can help.


Morten Nielsenmorten@js-analytics.comfirstlight1 30 day trials
To help lower the barrier of entry I'm giving all newly created projects an automatic 30 day trial.

Projects get this trial automatically which means that all newly created projects collect errors from day one.

Morten Nielsenmorten@js-analytics.comintroducing30daytrials1 update
I had two errors reported through the feedback page. Both were fixed within a few days after reporting.

One issue was around binding of events in JQuery when you chain your bind calls.
The other was a missing mime type.

Both are fixed, and is now working for everyone.

If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to come over to the feedback page.

Best regards
Morten Nielsenmorten@js-analytics.comminorupdate1