Take charge of your errors

JS-Analytics is a tool you add to your website, that will collect and report all javascript errors that occur for your viewers. Allowing you to focus your development efforts where its needed.

Setting upp JS-Analytics will help you be proactive in your work with improving quality. The goal is to let you know of the errors, before your website visitors can report them.

Click here to start collecting errors

Requires Google login

Begin tracking seconds

JS-analytics lets you setup error collection that will work on most browsers with just a few lines of script. With the 30 day free trial you'll know how your site is behaving in your visitors browsers in no time at all.

Know how your site behaves

Make sure your visitors are getting the full experience of your website.

Cross browser support

Error handling is different on every browser, let us handle the collection of unhandled errors. So you can focus on delivering business value.

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