Keep track of how your website behaves in the wild.

About JS-Analytics

Java-Script is a special language. It's one of the most used languages in the world. And its unique in the sence that its one of the few language that run both on server and client. This presents javascript with its own set of challenges.

Code that runs on someone elses computer is hard to monitor, and the way that a website handles crashing javascript is just to silently die.

I believe that every good software developer cares about writing code that wont crash. I believe that it is in the interest of every company to have websites and software that their users and customers can trust.

JS-Analytics aims to help ensure that if that trust is broken, the developer is informed of what broken, and give as much help as possible to help reduce the amount of time that the website or app is broken

JS-Analytics does this by having monitoring software that listens to errors and unhandled exceptions, and report them back with as much non-private data as possible. So that the developer is informed of where the errors are and hopefully whats needed to fix them.

Help prioritise what to fix

One of the most difficult parts of software development is knowing what to prioritise. JS-Analytics aims to simply who what errors the users experience the most. As such helping you to prioritise what to fix first

Stacktraces help

Its one thing to know about an error, its another thing entierly to know where it is.

JS-Analytics always show the stacktrace for the error that it captured, helping to identify which part of the code that the error occured in.